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UberFood - Local Food Delivery

UberFood is a unique service for food and beverage consumption. With its service, it provides the opportunity to all persons who want and know how to prepare food and various types of beverages that through UberFood are connected to the 24 hours 7 days a week through the internet.

UberFood is multiple-use; food and beverage producers bring to the new and modern internet market and enables them to sell through a new sales channel and provide customers with easy access to the desired food and / or beverage in a unique way.

Using the UberFood Platform is saving multiple times. Food manufacturers in this way realize a unique opportunity to capitalize on their potential in preparing food and beverages, and increase the number of customers through this unique internet platform.

On the other hand, UberFood's food consumers can save time and money.

The UberFood platform is a revolutionary service for consuming food and drinks, which makes life more enjoyable.

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