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Why Is Having a Digital Presence More Important Than Ever

The fact that 80% of buyers search online where and what to buy before they make a purchase, shows that your company’s digital presence is more important than ever. If your customers can’t find your business online with a couple of clicks, they will immediately fall into the arms of your competitor. Today’s digital presence does not only mean your customer recognizing your brand, but also their ability to find you in just a couple of clicks.

Why is it Important to Present Your Business Online?
Your digital presence will launch your brand on the market. Image your digital presence as a modern yellow page advertisement. However, instead of being placed right next to your competitor, you will get a special place with custom content and drive your internet traffic directly to your customers. But first, you have to be found. Companies must make sure that their name is listed on all the largest and most important search engines, online directories and web aggregate sites. Having a strong web presence allows search engine algorithms to identify your business with the searched words (keywords) and list your page in top results on search engines. It’s very important that you verify your location on Google and Google Maps to make sure that you will be found on search engines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO directly decides how a website ranks in search engine’s organic results. Here are a few tips on how to improve your company’s SEO:
  • Public listings - register your business to as many online directories and websites as possible
  • Use keywords - think of them as your online business cards that attract visits to your website
  • Post quality content - constantly posting blogs on your website and writing content both relevant to your business and interesting to your audience will improve your SEO
  • Social media presence - social media activity and redirections to your homepage will improve your online ranking and open more possibilities to place the information to your customers to see
Design a Beautiful and User-Friendly Website
If your customer can't navigate your website easily, he will soon leave it. Nowadays, nobody has time, so allow the visitors to easily navigate your presentation and find what they need with proper keywords and straightforward user interface.
Mobile web browsing has made a breakthrough in digital presence. Therefore make sure that your websites are optimized for mobile and completely responsive, so the visitors browsing on mobile can easily find all information they need.
Create Social Network Accounts That Fit Your Brand
Everybody knows the importance of social media presence, but do companies pay enough attention to social media posts?
For B2B companies (business to business), Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter presence is a must. However, companies that sell home decoration should pay more attention to Instagram or Pinterest.
Think about your customers.
Which social networks do they use? What do they need? How can your business help them? Once you find answers to these questions and position yourself on social networks accordingly, be sure that you will not only earn customers but also loyal followers of your work.Maintain Your Online PresenceYour digital presence is never done. The Internet is a medium that never stops growing, changing and evolving. Make sure to stay involved, answer questions, expand your digital presence, contact your most frequent visitors. The Internet is your oyster, but you have to actively participate to get your pearl!

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