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Event Management

In event management, every detail needs to be perfect, from choosing the place and location to advertising and event execution. Every event, whether it is B2B or B2C, needs to have a flow planned to the finest details in order for the event to be successful.Take a look at the digital presentation of an event managed by the InfoPuls team:1. Homepage conference announcements describing the agenda, event location, countdown and the position of sign up form or android application - examples and references and 2. A personalized newsletter sent to the list of invitees, which event users register on:
We create a special form where registered users can check additional information related to the organization of the event. Besides the basic information you get all the useful information in one place: shirt size, confirmation for evening party attendance, application for specialistic courses, plans regarding potential projects etc.
3. Besides the website invitation and newsletter, the event can also be advertised on online portals and social networks via the banner network.
Examples:4. Making an Android application where the user gets the agenda, event location and all features needed to complete the process without a single piece of paper. Especially interesting is our giveaway that we organize through the mobile application. This turned out to be a great move since 90% of attendees installed the app and took part in the giveaway. At the end of the event, we choose the winner electronically.
The example of our Android app:
5. We keep all the reports from the conference (recorded by journalists, photographers, and cameramen) in digital format and publish them on the event website. This includes photos, videos, ppt presentations etc. We also create a special YouTube channel where we thank all the event attendees and deliver all the information necessary to those that were unable to attend.
6. All of the above is integrated through social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we optionally stream live on Facebook (if we record the event).
This is just a summary of the activities that we do when organizing an event. With our professional approach and quality event execution, we provide our clients with top quality conferences. A client can choose individual parts of event management or combine them according to their actual needs. If you don't have a clear idea of the type of event you want, we will help you with it and offer you our creative and innovative ideas, all within your budget. All you need to do to organize an event that everyone will talk about is to contact the InfoPuls team here.

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